Traditional Kitchen Condo Remodel in Madison, WI


These Madison homeowners needed a condominium update to align it with their lifestyle and preferences, distinct from the previous owner’s choices. Their needs encompassed modest updates to the kitchen and guest bathroom, to include new flooring, paint, an updated island, new appliances and wall cabinets.


In this exceptional home renovation project, we undertook a comprehensive transformation that artfully merged modern functionality with enduring aesthetics. The remodel included a kitchen revival, appliance upgrades, a sophisticated backsplash design, an island transformation, and a guest bathroom makeover.

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The kitchen was given new life through a harmonious blend of old and new elements. Fresh wall cabinets now grace the space alongside existing base cabinets, united under a cohesive color scheme. A pop of contrast was introduced with a captivatingly painted shelf unit, creating a captivating centerpiece.

Most of the kitchen’s appliances were updated to contemporary, state-of-the-art models, enhancing both efficiency and aesthetics. However, the cooktop and refrigerator, which have aged gracefully, remain as charming remnants of the kitchen’s remarkable evolution.

The entire kitchen space was rejuvenated with a full countertop backsplash, seamlessly connecting the counters to the wall cabinets. This design choice extends all the way up to the ceiling behind an exquisite hood, bestowing depth and luxury upon the kitchen.

The kitchen’s layout was improved by converting the two-tier island into a single-level, continuous surface. The transformation also included the addition of tasteful cabinetry paneling that elegantly wraps the island, bringing an element of sophistication to the space.


Each renovation of a condominium space comes with its own limitations, particularly days and times renovations can take place, when materials can be brought into the building, which elevator to use, the size of the materials that can be carried in the elevator and through the halls, etc. We happily worked within these logistical details.


This home renovation project stands as a testament to the enchanting results that can be achieved through a combination of thoughtful design choices and masterful craftsmanship. The new kitchen now tells a unique story of both beauty and functionality, epitomizing the art of transformation.

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